Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Leaked: Bigger Battery, Colour Display, NFC and Much More


Xiaomi is just one of the main smartphone and tv manufacturers in India. However, there’s yet another product in the business that’s super hot. The Mi Band has been among the most prosperous physical fitness groups around the planet, and as stated by the firm it sold a million units of this Mi Band 3 at only half a year of launching from India. In reality, this assisted the Chinese organization to be the 2nd most important manufacturer behind Apple from the wearables marketplace.

Certainly, another version is highly expected and from the looks of this, the Mi Band 4 isn’t far off. An alleged Mi Band 4 flow indicates a large, yet predictable upgrade for the approaching product that’s a colored screen.

Additionally, it states the newest Mi Band 4 is now about into the include a bigger battery ranked at 135mAh. The Mi Band 3 needed a 110mAh battery life. This leaves could make sense since the colored screen would want the excess juice. The new physical fitness group is also likely to contain Bluetooth 5.0 that should mean enhanced connectivity and lower battery consumption. This time the provider is forecast to integrate NFC also, which may function as Xiaomi Mi Pay attribute. But a non-NFC version will also be provided. We could also anticipate a better heartbeat sensor on the group.

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