PUBG Mobile addiction Game: Top updates which is why you are still addicted To Pubg Mobile


PUBG Mobile has unleashed a wave of online gaming craziness like never before, ever since it was launched some 10 odd months back and the online game shows no signs of slowing down. The Battle Royale game has been adopted by millions of players already – both by the hardcore gaming community and the non-hardcore community alike. If you are one of those players, then you know the importance of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

For those who still do not know what PUBG Mobile is, the game is played by players in groups of four (squad), two (duo), and single player (solo) who are air-dropped on an island where they are able to collect a host of equipment like guns, backpacks, med-kits, and grenades which players can loot or find by going to houses and various other places, or killing rival players and taking their loot.

The end result of the game is to survive. You survive by running, hiding, jumping, crawling, shooting, fragging, and most of all, playing smartly so that you don’t get killed by the blue zone closing in, or some other player.

Sensor Tower in its October 2018 report stated that PUBG Mobile was one of the highest downloaded game on Apple’s App Store. The game is also one of the top 5 most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store in India right now.

Now PUBG Mobile has already released the latest beta version of the 0.11.0 update where players will face zombies and various monster bosses from the Capcom game Resident Evil 2. Tencent and Capcom have come together to give users experience of playing the Battle Royale game when there are zombies coming at you from all directions, in the dark, and the fog.

The latest beta update is available online and is readily playable but you have to make two separate accounts, one will be your standard account, while the beta account will be a different account. Making two separate accounts is easy if you have two PUBG Mobile smartphones. There are a number of videos published online explaining that.

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The upcoming update will be bringing the Resident Evil 2 mode, Sanhok available in Arcade – Quick Match. The damage stacking feature outside of the safe zone has been brought from PC to PUBG Mobile. Players will incur more damage depending on how far away they are from the safe zone.

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There have been made various air raid adjustments – in Sanhok and Vivendi maps, the size of the air raid area will be reduced alongside the safe zone. There will be Resident Evil 2 main menu theme and music added to the platform. Additionally, there will also be Moonlight weather added to Vivendi Map on PUBG Mobile. Personal Spaces will also display player information and Connections in PUBG Mobile. You can Select a friend as ‘Partner’ with Synergy 400 or above in order to stand by your side in your Space. The upcoming 0.11.0 update also brings the Push-to-talk chat in PUBG Mobile matches.

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