Gujarat government wants to ban PUBG


Popular Game PUBG has attained great popularity among youngsters and players. But this popularity was a reasonable share of tide issues as country authorities are banning the sport. Recently it had been reported a student figure in Jammu and Kashmir has asked to prohibit PUBG now the Gujarat administration is also considering achieving so.
The Gujarat government has now issued a circular asking district official to be sure the ban on internet multiplayer battle-ground games.
From the round, the section has led the District Primary Education Officers to get the essential measures to prohibit sports in schools.

As told with a news bureau, “Officials stated that the ban was essential as the kids were becoming Used to sports also it had been” negatively affecting their research ”

The other day, it had been told that the Jammu and Kashmir Pupils Union asked to prohibit PUBG on account of the poor outcomes of their 10th and 12th Board. The student union asked the state governor to prohibit it. Additionally, it has been said from the report which the chairman of this student body has known as the web match as a”spoiler”. He contrasted the type of this match to the medication.

According to some news web site, Princeton Kashmir deputy chairman,” Raquel Makhdumi said, “The match should’ve been prohibited instantly after the inadequate operation of this 12th and 10th level, but we have never seen any actions.

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