WhatsApp New Feature to Track Shared Images, Gets Simple Media Menu


Whats app has again been seen testing new features on its own beta assembles for Android. These times, we view modifications to its shared’Media’ section within individual or group chat, using fresh alternatives for seeing the press in the conversation, a brand new overflow menu to setting social press as being a profile photo, category icon, or background, in addition to a fresh wheel option. To remember, whats app was recently seen with 2 1 brand new emoji layouts in a beta build, also before this, a set calls short cut option was rolled out for users together with constant assembles.

Let us get going with the brand new common’Media’ options. As noted by whats app beta build tracker, WABetaInfo, whats app for Android beta v 2.19.18 revived the options users view while in the Media portion of a group or individual chats. Users when surfing photos while in the Media section will see new options should they tap on the three-dot menu. All these are’Display in Chat’,”Place as…’ and then rotate’. The initial option permits you to view where that specific video or image has been shared from the average person or group conversation.

‘Establish as’ isn’t actually new, but in lieu of individual possibilities for graphics to be’Establish as profile’ photo’,”Set as category icon’, and’Use as background’the menu has quite been simplified, and users are now able to tap on the establishment as…’ click menu to’ see’My profile photo’,”Group icon,” and’wallpaper’ whilst the mark locations.

At length, the’Scan’ option isn’t new, however in the place, restart left’ and then restart directly’ found in past builds, end users may exploit Restart multiple times to get exactly the exact same effect. Once we said, WABetaInfo was to see the fluctuations, and also we could see them well.

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