How to Install Google Chrome Extensions on Android


For most consumers, Extensions would be definitely the absolute most significant thing for an internet browser. Google Chrome customers have a lengthy list of extensions that they enjoy using in your desktop computer. But, there’s not any aid for Chrome Extensions on Android apparatus making the cellular experience not as superior as desktop. For quite a while, the user community was requesting for expansion service on Android, however to absolutely no avail. But, that does not signify there isn’t any method of utilizing Chrome extensions onto your own Android apparatus. In reality, there’s a strategy and it works extremely well.

Install Chrome Extensions on Android Device

Before we start, you need to notice that Chrome on Android does not support expansion. In order for this to function, we’ll use a third party browser referred to as”Kiwi browser“. The Kiwi browser relies on Chromium open-source job and utilizes its Blink manufacturing engine that also forces Google Chrome. Therefore, it appears and performs quite like Google Chrome. Additionally, it’s an open source browser also does not have any sort of desktop monitoring.

Step By Step Guide How to Install Google Chrome Extensions on Android

  • Download the Kiwi browser APK from here and put in it. You may find a warning as you’re side-loading a third party program. Only open Settings and then click “Allow from this source“.

  • Following that, start the browser and then look for the extension that you would like to set up just as you do in your own desktop. Harness” Add to Chrome” and additional tap Ok. Now the expansion will be installed.

  • To find all your extensions, tap on the 3-dot menu on the top-right corner and open Extensions. Here, you can choose to remove the extension or disable it.

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Because you can see we could set up and use extensions onto our Android apparatus with no issue. Be aware that the extensions that are specially created for desktop edition of Chrome won’t do the job here. Aside from that, all extensions are encouraged.

So that’s something quite cool and boosts the internet experience on cellular considerably. I utilize a whole lot of extensions in my PC so that it’s quite exciting for me personally. If you’re among these users that desperately wanted extensions onto your own Android apparatus, well you can. Do use this approach to set up extensions also let us know exactly how you truly feel about Chrome extensions in your Android by writing in the comments area below.

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