Best GB Whatsapp Alternatives (APK Download) (May 2019)


Many users across the world utilize Whatsapp however, there are a few features that Whatsapp overlooks along with other programs with a similar purpose to Whatsapp, provide those missed features like Black Mode, Sending Documents over 500MB and considerably more, So now we’ll tell you about Best 7 Whatsapp Alternatives that you are able to use it at this time. You could be thinking about why do we want GB Whatsapp Alternatives? Programs like GBWhatsapp provide an increasing number of features than Whatsapp, however, GB Whatsapp users are becoming banned, therefore we’ll be letting you understand in detail.


The 2nd Most useful and feature packed Modded edition of Whatsapp, since it provides many features like Topics, sending messages into over 5 individuals in one click, concealing blue tick and considerably more, while these features are provided by the majority of the Modded variants of Whatsapp, however the continuous upgrades to the programs makes it look from the Rank 2 of our listing of Greatest GBWhatsapp substitute.

OG Whatsapp:

Continuing on to the record, here we’ve got yet another modded version very similar to GBWhatsapp, which offer some wonderful features like concealing mic recording alternative to additional users, download standing of different users and a great deal more, we would not suggest it to all those users but it for a few special users. OG Whatsapp isn’t understood by many users also does not have up to downloads because others in the record, yet it’s rated at No.5 in our List of Greatest GBWhatsapp Alternatives.

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Whatsapp Plus:

The other Modded variation of WhatsApp, the title here comes in Whatsapp + Plus so, Whatsapp with a few added modded features like concealing blue ticks, anti-ban that’s a characteristic missing from different programs and much more, according to a report Whatsapp Plus has crossed a download marker of 1Million downloads, and hence displaying the prevalence of those programs. Whatsapp Plus is so ranked at No.3 in our list of Greatest GBWhatsapp Alternatives.

FM Whatsapp:

Among the most famous and not as feature-filled modded variations of Whatsapp, FMWhatsapp isn’t understood by a lot of individuals, and it had not gone viral, nevertheless it’s contained in our listing because it has a few features that are distinctive compared to other programs like, a group of programmers behind always updates it, it’s a choice where users may employ themes, personalize chat styles and a whole lot more. Hence we’ve rated this in No.4 at our listing of Greatest GBWhatsapp Alternatives.

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